Drain Jetting

TM Drainage Solutions use a system of high pressure water jetting to cleanse drains of scale & debris.
Once completed your drains will flow more freely and correctly.

We also offer a service to clean rain & foul water gullies around properties.

In some cases drain rods are fine for clearing a blockage but they don’t always clear the problem fully.
Our high pressure system will go round bends, travel further down any pipe work and provide more force to clear any blockage.

In no time at all our jetting system will clear blockages caused by grease, scale, fat and other debris lodged in the drain.

In the event water pressure will not clear the problem we have CCTV equipment available to help find the blockage.

Whatever we find, we have the expertise and tools to get the job sorted.


  • Slow Water Draining
  • Foul Smells.
  • Gurgling At The Plug Hole.
  • Flushing The Toilet Causes Water To Rise In The Shower.

These and many more are usually symptoms of a blocked drain or the start of one.

CCTV Camera

In the event the high pressure water is unable to remove a blockage we may need to explore the drains using our CCTV Camera.

This will produce High Resolution images to show the obstruction in the drain or it maybe the drain has collapsed.

Any findings will be shown to the customer and a plan of action agreed.

Our Prices

We are a small company with small overheads so are able to charge a lot less than most larger companies for the same work.

Low Cost Hourly Rates & Fixed Priced Options Available.


Drain Cleaning Service